5 ways to handle Christmas

Christmas can bring so many emotions to the holiday season. People continue to show me that the holiday season can be somewhat stressful. Many times we forget how fast the schedule flies and what it takes to endure the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, as I write this i am nestled with a cup of Speakeasy Coffee, in my recliner, next to the lit Christmas tree on this cold morning.

Many times we just don’t take the moment to slow down and enjoy the freshness that comes with the end of the year. Look at the following list of ways to handle Christmas.

  1. Schedule one meal a week with a friend (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Spending time with a friend can be a really positive boost.

  2. Prepare a hot beverage every evening after your meal to sip and reflect on the good things of your life. Reflection helps us move forward.

  3. Write (don’t type) 3 letters to people that have impacted you in a positive way and send it to them in the mail. We all love a good letter.

  4. Bake some cookies for a neighbor and deliver them.

  5. Head over to Bike and Sol and sip some tea or coffee with the volunteers and tell some Christmas tales.

These simple tasks can start to move you in a direction of looking outward. In a time when the sun is down early, too cold to ride outside. We need to find simple ways to keep things more upbeat and at a fun pace. Comment below with some of your ways that you keep it up to handle the holidays.